image of ansys of the flyover bridgeFinite Element Modeling and Updating

Our major interest is to develop refined finite element model to closely represent actual structure for performance evaluation and condition assessment. Visual investigation and various measurements data are used to update an initial FE model to match static and dynamic characteristics.

image of damage indexDamage Detection Algorithms

The ability to assess current structural status is critical information for infrastructure maintenance. Our lab is interested in developing a damage detection algorithms for civil infrastructure based on sensor data. Both theoretical and experimental studies are underway for various civil infrastructure health assessment.

image of field bridgeFull-scale Bridge Performance Monitoring

We are working field bridge performance monitoring project with Connecticut Department of Transportation. Currently, a highway bridge on I-91 to New Haven is instrumented with wireless smart sensing system.

image of sensorWireless Smart Sensor Network Implementation

Wireless smart sensor is an integrated package of CPU, Memory, wifi, power and sensing capabilities. As opposed to traditional wired sensor, the wireless smart sensor enables scalable structural health monitoring for large-scale civil infrastructure. Various research on WSS including software development, network strategy, hardware integration are underway.